May 14 - 19, 2019


a wellness adventure for
the body, mind & heart!




Here is the mental picture I we invite you to manifest and envision: The breathtaking beauty of the Big Island, Hawaii for 6 glorious days this May for the wellness adventure and trip of a lifetime! As ‘they’ say you can’t pour from an empty cup yet so many of us go through life (week in and week out) trying to do exactly THAT! Question- When was the last time you invested time to fill your OWN cup? If you're shuffling through the memory files of your mind right now - it’s been TOO LONG! Being your BEST self for the roles you play and people you serve in life requires you to nourish and tend to your body, mind and heart. This retreat will both ignite and align your spirit as we work collaboratively to heal, renew & expand…IN PARADISE!

HAWAII! Words can't do justice to the dramatic coastline, the technicolor sunrises & turquoise ocean waters or the 'life giving' landscape you'll see when you step onto the lanai. You'll notice how your heart opens to the gorgeous ocean view of Kealakekua Bay. Kealakekua Bay comes from ke ala ke kua in the Hawaiian Language which means “The God’s Pathway." As you settle into the slow gentle rhythms of Hawaii, your soul will know you are now in the right place.

You may choose to join this community solo, bring along your bestie, or make forever memories with your sweetie! Either way - you'll find this experience will hit the reset button on your nervous system, lower cortisol levels (goodbye STRESS) w/ a blissful morning yoga practice, daily group workout opportunities & evening Yoga Nidra sessions. We will nourish our bodies daily with catered organic [omnivore conscious] meals made on site by our chef, Jasmin! (Warning - you'll dream of this food for months to come!) In between delicious meals, you'll deepen your yoga practice and master the art of relaxation...and adventure! Our days will be filled with local excursions ranging from hikes to hidden waterfalls & untouched beaches where wild horses roam, to shopping in the Kona flea markets, to snorkeling / paddle-boarding / enjoying the white sand beaches, to even exploring lava fields or experiencing the fun of hot hula! Opportunities to expand your comfort zone and shape the person you want to become. Our retreat will culminate with a night walk under the FULL MOON and star filled sky to the Mauna Kea observatory! It'll be an experience I can guarantee you'll NEVER forget!

Additionally, we will host 'growth workshops' each day that will empower you to grow, ignite & align your spirit. You can build and grow your yoga or inversion practice, dig into a cooking class, tackle some nutrition coaching, explore and learn about social media & photography for your business (hello tax write-off), or dig deeper with mindset work (journaling, affirmations, manifestation, self love & goal setting) and even do some arts & crafts and make your own dream catcher! It's truly a #ChooseYourOwnAdventure that will be catered and customized for YOUR goals and desires. Everything is optional, even the yoga.  

Grab your early bird spot NOW and prepare for what's in store ahead! As your nervous system begins to relax you will feel the mana (powerful spiritual energy) that permeates this sacred land. Take all the time you need to rejuvenate. Allow yourself to be comforted and open to a sense of renewed being as if gently cradled in the arms of Spirit. Here you will feel protected and at peace. We are so excited to meet you!


WhaleSpirit Sanctuary

WhaleSpirit Sanctuary is an amazing open air Balinese setting, with indoor and outdoor spaces set against a serene, beautiful and powerful vortex of Kealakekua Bay. The moment you arrive you will understand why our sanctuary is an inspiring location.


Make Your Island Dreams A Reality!





  • 6 days and 5 nights at the exquisite and tranquil WhaleSpirit Sanctuary; a Balinese style, uniquely charming, sacred-retreat center

  • Completely recalibrate your internal clock. Do a mindfulness walk through the sanctuary grounds and pick luscious fresh fruit. Walk barefoot in the sand. Let your circadian rhythm recalibrate as you watch the sun and clouds move through the sky each day.

  • TAKE TIME to focus on you, your vision for your life and your dreams

  • Weave your intentions and goals into your own hand-made “Dream Catcher”

  • Escape the high-stress, fast-paced hustle of daily life and RELAX AND REST

  • Three delicious meals a day (locally sourced, nonGMO, organic)

  • Culinary class using local, organic Hawaiian bounty!

  • Make new meaningful relationships and life-long friendships

  • Explore and shop the farmer’s & flea markets of KONA for a day

  • Laugh and explore your creative side with nature inspired art activities and games!


  • Cultivate the art of MINDFULNESS in daily guided Yoga Nidra & mindfulness practice

  • Explore GRATITUDE JOURNALING and shift your outlook on life

  • Explore the OBSERVATORY & NIGHT SKY OF THE FULL MOON (optional #SleepUnderTheStars) at the Mauna Kea Observatory

  • Delve into your spirituality, passions, and the purpose for which you were created.

  • Daily growth & healing oriented discussions

  • Workshop opportunities that include yoga foundations, dream catcher making, advancing inversions, gratitude, journaling and vision casting, fermented foods cooking class, nutrition coaching, and more!

  • PAY IT FORWARD as part of a group "Humanitarian Excursion" to give back to the local island community


  • Greet each day with "ALOHA YOGA"

  • Strengthen your practice with "FUNdamentals Yoga" workshops

  • Find your MOTIVATION with group workout opportunities from licensed group fitness instructors

  • Swim, snorkel, relax on the beautiful beaches just minutes from the sanctuary

  • Wellness workshops to deepen your understanding and broaden your yoga knowledge, personal vision and goals, gratitude and affirmation practices and more

  • Watch (and try) the beautiful art of HULA

  • Shopping and tourist excursion to Kona

  • Guided hikes & island adventures that may include SUP, snorkeling, surfing, zip lining, volcano exploration and more.
    ** Additional Recreational / Adventure Activities Available


HI Tree



JAMIE of Roots & Wings Wellness

Howdy y’all! I'm Jamie and am SO excited to connect with and get to know you. I hail from Bend, Oregon where I live with my husband Jamie (#JamieSquared) and our NINE fur-babies (5 dogs, 4 cats). I am passionate about empowering women in my career as a lifestyle coach. I have made it my life's work to help women live the fullest extent of their ability and purpose while also contributing to our surrounding communities to leave each encounter better than we found it. I am a RYT 200, have my MEd in School Counseling, YogaCalm certifier and am the founder of ROOTS & WINGS WELLNESS. I love mentoring other entrepreneurs in building the life of their dreams, achieving freedom and making an impact on the world. I am equally as passionate about helping women, men and families live healthier and more fulfilling lives; I strive to make fitness fun for all, nutrition simple and educate on the importance of detoxing, eating clean and learning to be in-tune with our bodies. I'm passionate about mental health and teaching the foundational skills of gratitude, goal-setting, positive self talk/ affirmations and manifesting one's dreams & desires (while also putting in the elbow grease to earn the things we want). I'm so honored to guide you on this experience and self-discovery and I know we will have a life changing time and make forever memories.



Hello! I am Danielle and am a 200-hr Certified Yoga Teacher based out of Chicago, IL. And I am ALWAYS ready to pack my bags and travel! I completed my teacher training with Corepower Yoga where I’m currently teaching classes each week. Yoga has been an integral part of my life for over 10 years. Yoga has gifted me with so many benefits, and has inspired me to share this life changing practice with others. I am also a Registered Dietitian and believe in promoting holistic health that includes mind, body and spirit. I encourage a holistic life with a focus on mindfulness, self care and adventure. I am beyond excited to join in this experience with you all and share this adventure.

Jen Simon.jpg


Hi Everyone!! I’m Jen and I cannot be more excited to join you on this experience of a lifetime! Myself and my husband relocated to central Oregon just over a year and a half ago and we have two pups, Boss and Jake. I love everything outdoors, hiking, biking, paddle boarding, golf, skiing, snowboarding….and of course Yoga! I did my teacher training while living in Breckenridge Colorado in 2013 and since then have taught at numerous studios. I love to read, drink coffee, listen to music, hang out with my friends and of course take hikes in the woods with my hubby and dogs. I have a Bachelors in Biological Sciences and also studied Holistic Nutrition. I am passionate about sharing my experience and education with others in hopes that more people will be empowered to live intentional lives where they find joy and happiness in properly taking care of their health. Learning how to exercise regularly, fuel their body mindfully with whole food nutrition, and to treat the world kindly. I like to think of myself as a good listener and helping other women become clear about their passion(s) in life. In my eyes, there is nothing more empowering than a room full of women who are all clear about their path, and choose to be intentional with their daily lives in order to reach those goals and dreams! I am so ready to revisit this beautiful and sacred Island and soak up all the amazing culture and energies that this place has! Cannot wait to meet you!



Hello Hello!! As a novice in the world of yoga, I am beyond excited to share in this experience with all of you. You’ll come to know me as the woman behind the curtain, as I won’t be teaching your yoga, and yet I’ll be a piece of everything. Since my high school days I have lead team builds, retreats and spent numerous hours developing others to see and achieve their potential. I believe in curiosity and growth at every level and the potential of every moment. I am honored to be among the women leading this retreat, and grateful to experience the Big Island for the first time will all of you!



Farm Fresh|Organic|Non-GMO|Healthy|Local|Gluten Free|Plant Based|DELICIOUS!

Check out a few of the amazing and nourishing foods Jasmine has created…

Chef Jasmine.jpg

CHEF JASMINE of HeartBeet Foods

Whole foods based, nourishing meals created just for you!

Our personal chef will be offering a menu that utilize fresh, delicious, real-foods based ingredients. The menu will be built around unique ingredients that grow in Hawaii, such as ‘ulu (breadfruit), kalo (taro), and ‘uala (sweet potato), as well as other topical ingredients.

Chef Jasmine creates nourishing and delicious meals by cooking with whole, organic, and free-range ingredients, sourced from sustainable, local farms. By utilizing the abundance of locally grown foods Chef Jasmine strives to build Hawaii’s local food system by sourcing as often as possible from local farmers who run diversified agriculture farms and small homesteads. By working with HeartBeet Catering, we will be supporting local Hawaiians!

(please inform us of any food allergies prior to booking!)





This is going to be life-changing!


“I was lucky enough to go on Jamie's first Hawaiian retreat - it was an amazing trip that I'm still thinking about a year later. Gorgeous lodgings, yoga, hula lessons and workouts in literal paradise. Hiking up to a volcano, seeing my first sea turtle, ziplining over a waterfall, hanging with one of my closest friends, and meeting new ones. Looking for an adventure that is physical and spiritual, restful and challenging? This retreat was all of those things for me.” - Susuan Z.

“For me it was about no longer saying no to places that were calling to me because no one around me wanted to go! Just go! You’ll be glad you did! I embarked on a journey 5000 miles from home, not knowing a single soul, just knowing I needed to get away, clear my mind and find my happy place again! I am so grateful for the clarity, friendship and amazing adventure this trip brought me! You have just this one life. How do you want to spend it? Hawaii take me back! Xoxo” - Chara

“My experience at My First Yoga Retreat in one word, was magical. It was the perfect blend of taking in the beauty of the Island and the Hawaiian culture, while relaxing with a much needed reprieve from the business of life in the city. I left the retreat feeling completely nourished, mind, body and soul and with many new lifelong friends.” - Stephany B.

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For a five night growth and yoga adventure

May 14 - 19, 2019


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1. What are the sleeping arrangements, will there be single rooms available?

There are no private rooms available. We will handle that request on a case by case basis as it would depend on available space and increased fees. All the rooms at this epic retreat center sleep 3 people, so we will all be sharing. The hosts will determine room assignments once we know who is coming and will do our best to identify personalities and preferences for sleep  (eg early sleeper or night owl). We’ve done this on past trips and it’s always been so fun to see new friendships develop!

2. Which airport in Hawaii would closest to fly into? Is there then transportation to the resort?

The closest airport and the one we’ll be flying into is KOA (Kona International Airport). We have decided to add a few optional and scheduled pick up and drop off times. We will try to accommodate the groups majority needs. Outside of those times, there will be taxis available for personal travel needs.

3. What is the time of check-in on the 14th and check-out on the 19th? 

We will discuss specific time and details once we have everyone registered. If you have concerns or questions prior, please reach out and we will do our best to answer your questions.