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Roots and Wings Wellness - the evolution of my OWN journey in health and healing the last decade. Roots to ground and guide and remind us of the strength, resilience and flexibility we hold within. Wings to FLY and soar to new heights. Dream and grow and explore. I believe that we need BOTH in life to truly reach that “place” …that confluence of health, success and purpose driven living.

My story is one that's finally given this wanderlust military brat a place to grow roots • a sense of self • a home within herself and with a family! While at the same time learning how to DREAM AUDACIOUSLY! How to open my soul up to God's magnificent plan and ALL the universe has in store for me if I dare to pursue it. I used to think that these two concepts were mutually exclusive...Not I know the truth.

The stronger those roots the higher you'll fly. This is the gift I will pay forward and share with the world and my Wild Reign Collective tribe of coaches, clients and #yoginibesties. I strive to “PACK IT ALL IN” in my life and personal/professional pursuits. I lead international “Wellness Adventures” which are service, adventure and yoga based retreats. Opening a local community co-working space in my home town of Bend, Oregon where women can connect and THRIVE in their work/life balance. I coach others in their health and wellness goals - that ranges from weight loss, nutrition, fitness, mindset and goal settings. While a majority of my time is spent mentoring others in their entrepreneurial endeavors too as I support and guide them to reaching their health business goals too. I volunteer and organize fundraisers and help serve on planning committees for local non-profits. I am passionate about the environment, social justice and advocacy and strive to educate and empower on my social media channels; come follow me on Instagram (@rootsandwingswellness) and FB (

MY GOAL in life is to infuse my love for travel, wellness, yoga, mindfulness, wellness (health / fitness / nutrition) with ADVENTURE and personal empowerment. It is to blaze a trail and guide others down that path alongside me! Will you join me on this journey!

Photo by Benjamin Edwards